"Barbapapa" is the titular character in a series of children's storybooks. These books and the character were the brainchild of French writers Annette Tison and Talus Taylor. The duo wrote and published a number of Barbapapa storybooks in the 1970s. The books were all originally written in French but following their popularity and success, they were translated into over 30 different languages.


The name "Barbapapa" is derived from the French word barbe à papa, which literally translates to "Daddy's beard". In France, cotton candy (candy floss) is often called "Daddy's Beard" due to its fluffy appearance. The shape and pink color of the cotton candy is what inspired the look of the main character.


The main characters or "Barbapapas" are basically shape-shifting blobs with distinct head and arms. The female characters can be easily differentiated from the males by their slender bottoms, long eyelashes and flower tiaras. Each character also has a specific personality as well as a specific color.

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All Barbapapas can speak and communicate with humans. Sometimes they are also shown to be able to communicate with animals. The characteristic trait of all Barbapapas is their ability to change their shape and morph into anything they desire. They can seemingly stretch to an almost unlimited length. However, they are unable to change their color, so even though they may take the shape of an object, their color still remains the same. Their faces are also always visible even after their transformation.

Whenever they change their shape, they always say the phrase, "Clickety click, Barba-trick!"


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